AI-powered analysis of the daily proceedings at the heart of Canada's democracy


What is Parlawatch?

Cut to the chase and stay informed on the daily proceedings from Question Period at the Canadian House of Commons! Parlawatch uses advanced machine learning algorithms to summarize and analyze text transcripts.

If you’re…

  • A curious citizen struggling to keep up with Parliament, Parlawatch lets you monitor developments with concise reports instead of relying on hearsay or tuning in!
  • A journalist or political analyst in need of better tools to dissect what’s happening in Parliament, Parlawatch offers you in-depth insights!

Our mission

Independent Source

Other news sources give you their filtered take on the proceedings. We let you make up your own mind.

Concise Summaries

Why watch 45 minutes of parliamentary feeds a day when you can read a 3-minute summary?

Insightful Analyses

Let our data show you how each party feels about government ... and more!

Our Features

Topic Timeline

Visualize the top topics in Parliament over time.

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Daily Report

Read our algorithmically-summarized report to find out what each party is asking the government and how the government responded.

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Sentiment: By Topic

Visualize how each party feels about the government's portfolio by topic.

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Fun: Question / Answer Awards

Check out what our sentiment models picked as the most interesting questions and answers.

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